Games and Quizzes

A variety of games and quizzes to test your knowledge of mental health and pop culture. 

The Original Brolly Talk Quiz 


Which Eastenders character survived a breakdown? Which Radio 1 DJ has spoken out about his battles with panic attacks? Find out in the original Brolly Talk Quiz.

Brain Waves


Our friends at Taking IT Global invite you to Ride the brain wave! Compete for points by answering questions about mental health at different levels of difficulty. The more difficult the question, the more points you’ll earn!

Mind Match

mind match

Mental health is an important issue that affects many young people. What do you know about it? Find out by playing Taking IT Global’s  Mind Match: Mental Health Trivia game! Match the cards, answer mental health trivia questions, and be mindful of your rising score!

Reach out central


Reach out central, provided by is an online game designed to help you learn and improve skills for life such as communication, problem solving and optimistic thinking online in a virtual setting using real life scenarios.


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