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Read the latest blogs and personal stories about mental health stigma and discrimination from Brolly Talk, supporters and guest bloggers


           The way I see it

When Andy saw a young lady distressed and seemly attempting Suicide he was shocked and appalled about the lack of compassion from passers by.

In this blog Andy talks about how he was able to support the lady and how he wished others would be encouraged to do the same.

In Search of Lucy

lucy dLucy tells her story about the depression and anxiety she felt through being misassigned as male at birth and how 30 years later she found the  inner strength to become the person she always was on the inside.


Talking about Mental Health…Impossible – 1/12/14

Elephant_in_the_roomEmma Blogs about her first time talking about mental health and how what was at first daunting is now a positive habit!



 Acceptable in the 80’s -13/11/14

Marc meeting with the Mayor of Frome at a Time to Change event.Marc talks about the difficulties of growing up with childhood mental health problems in a time of poor understanding and high stigma.



Vinegar – 12/11/14 

VinegarBrolly talk blogger Chris gives a rare insight into the experiences of somebody who is combating depression.



More mental health Blogs from Time To Change


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